Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Collecting on Debts, the hardest art

I do not give in or give up but I do get exasperated by the rich and super rich that will not pay their bills to me. I have $40,000 that is very difficult to collect and now a new client Ana Maria Estrada, a movie star and Jeffry Rosen her producer husband who owe me just $3,200 for 115 days. 

I am trying to monetize this project and I am working to make it happen, but it would be so much easier if my clients paid their bills.

I am also trying to get out the third book that I have made, the other two were mysteriously erased by the publisher They just said sorry, we do not know what happened.

I am hoping to work it out soon, we will see. I will never give up or quit, the Restoration of Hundertwassers Paradise mural will happen. Read the letter bellow from the  former curator of the MoMA Peter Selz.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Art of Collecting old debts

Hi, I am now trying to collect on old debs that a few supper rich clients have not paid. I am going to use social media to out them and their bad behavior. Hope fully this will encourage them to pay up.

The money will be used to Jumpstart the project and push book and print sales. We are trying to use the stories and images around the mural restoration project to raise the money need for the restoration of the mural. I have turned down 5 unsolicited bis for the mural starting at $500,000 and going up to $1.5m. Look below for one example and a great HW Quote,

Monday, March 21, 2016

Brief Update

This is an apologetic and brief update, its been so long since I posted an update. The progress is slow and steady and we are hopeful that we will soon have the right partners to move this project to a happy conclusion. We want the mural restored and in a museum setting. Life is so busy and we are taking the slow road and the high road with this project and are not looking at a quick sale or even the money for that matter. Its about the larger story and an opportunity to awaken people and bring other to their better selves.
I just found an old photo of me in the Wall Street Journal article and the interview with the journalist as well as an old letter I wrote to Arnold Schwartzenager. I am still hoping he might step in for a leading role as the Hero who saves Hundertwasser's Paradise Mural and  the world. He could bring more than money to the role, he could focus the attention of many who do not care about art.

I am going to attach the two if I can and then get to bed. Best wishes to you all , and do not work we are fine and have not given up.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the Beauty of their Dreams"

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Haunted by dreams on Halloween

Its Halloween that past last night but I am still haunted by my unfulfilled dreams tied to the Mural Paradise by Hundertwasser and his friend Bro.

The project is evolving slowly of its own accord driven by an unseen Brownian Hand in the universe. I thought I would just drop a line to let you know I am still alive and working on it with redoubled effort and have not lost hope or sold out.

 It has been seven years and a half since I moved the mural and saved it from destruction. Since then its been the subject of 3 news stories and the NY Times recently contacted me to express interest in picking it up. After the last story that ran in the Wall Street Journal I got a call from a woman who offered $1.2 million. I thanked her for the offer but said we are not interested in selling prior to a restoration. Last year we almost got a $400,000 grant from a Bank interested in the public relations value of being the hero who writes the check that restores a cultural treasure and puts it in the museum world.

I want to make out a will that makes explicit what I hope will be the future of the mural and how I hope to leverage off it as a fulcrum to move the world and nudge it towards a path or restoration. The mural and the world are both broken and can both be restored if we act together. This is the whole intent of my social sculpture that is participatory and international. We have been documenting the journey and I anticipate some exciting chapters ahead. If I should die unexpectedly I hope others will honor my intent and pick up the torch to finish the race that began long ago.

Hundertwasser ( ) and Bro were two runners in that marathon . It is a race to the promised land of Good dreams , the utopia that is possible. The world groans  in travail for the coming of true man.
Hunderwasser said his greatest work was in the awakening of identities and bringing others to their better selves. That is the design and purpose of our project. I will have to draw you out a treasure map that is detailed and shows you where the treasure is buried. I do not have time now but soon I will.

I have to go now the real world is calling and there are fires to put out. Please check out my EBook at . It is in the bookstore but downloadable for free now and is informative and entertaining. Just search under its title "Restoring Paradise". The current version is an unedited proof and will be professionally edited soon and available in paperback , and hardback copies.

Best wishes from NYC .............. Chris Muth

Thursday, February 27, 2014

ALBERT EINSTEIN AND THE ATOMIC BOMB - History/Biography/Science (documen...

What this excellent film makes clear is that energy and power of immense proportions is all around us and that the key to releasing that energy was never imagined by the man who discovered the theoretical equation, f we could only find a safe means of releasing and capturing this force like cold fusion we could save the world from a carbon fuel based death. We also needed a way to release the positive creative energy in a productive fashion of individuals in society to make a difference positively and save our world.

That was Hundertwassers aim and it is the aim of our project "Restoring Paradise" I do not know how but I have a plan and I think it can be done.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Alan Kitching - Designer - Artist

Alan Kitching - Designer - ArtLyst I just stumbled across this amazing artist who spoke last year in NYC at an event sponsored by Eye magazine. Vicky Heinlein's blog transported me there, backwards in time in a magical fashion that was all build on written language and its smallest's parts letters. With letters, words and worlds have been build. Civilizations and unique individuals all exist as the result of our ability to exchange information and build cumulatively on the knowledge of others. What would I be and where in what civilization would I live if not for the magic of letters. The ancient Egyptians ascribed writing as a gift from the ibis incarnated god Thoth. I am a worshiper at his temple and indebted to him for such a gift. Letters individually seem so small and insignificant like people, yet bound together by thought and laws commonly understood they have formed a force of unimaginable power and importance and changed the landscape of the known world and what we know of our selves.

Alan Kitching work for me, forces one to stop and reexamine the letter and the word, to see the magic and the beauty if letters, who together form such an interesting and entertaining group of types. I am happy that I live in NYC where it is not strange to be devoted to the beauty of letters and the worlds they have built, I am not alone in awe and wonder at the beauty of the temple that they as bricks have built. That temple of the mind rivals any built of stone in the history of humankind. The heights of its ceilings are not measured in physical distance but only by the limits of our collective imaginations.

Hundertwasser who I have known only through words and stories and the images in photographs and books would appreciate the vegetative and slow process that has cumulatively and in layer evolved over time into a thing of marvelous beauty with a power that transforms both you and me and the civilization of the 21 century that we are building together. I pray that the project that we have imagined will take hold and grow and build upon our salvaging and restoration efforts we have engaged in for almost seven years. Is it madness to be so optimistic about the future of a mural and a world that both seem to have been slated for destruction, if so we need to be a little bit crazy to survive. I know I am not the only one, that is the foundation of my faith and hope that Paradise in the world will be restored and shared in love with respect for all.

I also know that there is an all seeing intelligent and compassionate eye that see's all and knows all. It is in the mural in the trees designed and painted with such intelligence , knowledge and imagination by two friends one an artistic quest to produce a mural that imparts knowledge and shared beauty even if it is not consciously understood. The eye in the tree is shaped like the Ujad , the eye of Horus ore the all seeing creator Ra. They have created an amalgam with the fish which is a Greek symbol used by the early Christians in the catacombs of Rome as a symbol of the Christos or savior. The fish is a symbol of what is real but hidden like the soul or what C,J Jung called the Archetypal god self. In a closer examination of the eye you will note in its pupil which is shaped like a series of concentric and expanding or contracting circles there swims a little fish, who represents us. We were all made in the image of the big fish and made male and female. This idea in some of its earliest forms was expressed in the Vedic text like the Upanishads, as the Atman, Brahman reality, We are a holographic bit of that greater eternal and shared self, each on of us are on close examination reflections of that transcendent reality  The eye has bars that are self imposed because humankind and each of us has been given free will. Our gift and curse is our ability to chose for good or evil, to love , cherish and support life and ourselves or destroy that life . I see all this in an element of a large painting. Is that the intention of its makers or a reflection of me and my knowledge, experiences and prejudices.

I think not, in defense of my interpretation of this element of the mural the eye in the trees , I stand on solid grounds and others in the world of symbology will back me up. I am trying to get a scholar at the Jungian institute to examine my conclusions an support them. I was also a TAG student in my collage and received an A minus on my CLEP Test for the interpretation and analysis of advanced litterateur.

A painting like a poem or a song is composed of individual characters that are elements of a complex and often nuanced communication, each means something in and buy itself but when read as a whole take on a much deeper and complex message or reality. Hundertwasser in 1953 wrote an essay where he decried the visual illiteracy of the masses, people have eyes but do not see the realities in front of them ,Their powers of observation and there skills of deduction and reference are highly limited and flawed. Just go to any art show and listen to the conversations of the viewers and the wide and often shallow readings of the painting or art in question.

 Most people do not have the experience or background to appreciate art, or poetry or the beauty of an idea or imaginary construct. This is the fault of our collective and twisted priorities as a culture. In the  good old USA what percentage of our resources are spent on the Arts, fine arts or literature as a percentage of our collective budgets for sports and American Football where we allow our future generations to smash their heads together in what can amount to moral or paralyzing conflict. These number do not lie and are not exaggerated. Any court of law by international standards of decency and science would convict us of child abuse and our children removed from our charge.

Why does it matter? Because if we are to have a future as a spices on this planet we need creative and intelligent children who will grow up to do better and greater thing than we have done in order to save us from a sad and terrible fate.

 Many people may not understand what I have just said in this long and impassioned blog entry and may seriously wonder where I come from to speak or write about such things. What qualifies me as an authority. All my life I have feared the judgment of the masses and the brutality of their ignorance and there insatiable want or greed. I hid my knowledge and intelligence as many a girl has done so not to offend her les intelligent and educated suitor. Little about Albert Einstein Qualified him to write with his wife's help his first three papers. If Max Plank could have goggled him he would never have bothered to read or publish the work of a nobody in the world of science who worked in Zurich as patent clerk, What qualifies my experience and understanding is innate to my species and the cumulative wisdom of many that I have had the pleasure to meet thanks to the magic of the letter and the word made flesh in books. I was dyslectic as a child but with the help of a tutor learned to read. I latter scored (95%) on reading comprehension and have read many books.

We live today in a knowledge rich environment that is mind blowing , with access by many if they chose, Never before in human history has knowledge been so easily available. Knowledge and wisdom are unfortunately often distant friends, one does not guarantee the other.

My final qualification is based in experience, the experience of the Archetypal God/Self that Carl Jung the famous psychologist wrote about. I believe this is the source of all wisdom and the common ground of all world litterateur on the subject. It is the word made flesh in me that speaks and the letter

of the unwritten law.

I have attached images of the mural and a distorted Photoshop close up of the Eye in question. See for yourself.